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Miao-Style Silver Jewellery

When a girl was born in a Miao family, her parents make it a point to save on food and expenses for a complete set of silver jewellery for her. The set, 15 kg in total weight, includes crown, horn, earrings, neckband, chest plaque, clothing ornament, waistband, and bracelets. It takes more than one hour for a young woman to put the entire kit on and finish her makeup. The Miao people’s penchant for silver jewellery stems from their love of beauty, wealth and dignity. The colour of silver symbolizes the Miao people’s character of fearing no tyranny and being impervious to temptation of wealth and position. It is also said that wearing silver jewellery helps keep evil at bay. Silver jewellery can also be used as a symbol of a person’s marital status or as a betrothal gift.

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