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Sunlight Rock

Riguang Rock is also called Moving Rock. It is the summit of Gulang Islet. On the mountain, huge and precipitous rocks form many caves and gullies. Pavilions are hidden among green trees. If you go up the steps, you will come to the Lotus Flower Convent first, where a huge rock named ‘‘A Piece of Tile’, sitting on the top forms a hall below.

On the large rocks beside the convent are inscribed ‘‘Wonderland of Gulang,’’ and ‘‘Number One along the Egret River". Behind the convent are ‘‘the Dragon’s Cave of the Egret River,’’ ‘‘the Cave of Summer Resort’’ and there scenic spots. Close to the convent is the historical site of Zheng Chenggong’s Dragon Head Mountain Fastness and the platform for directing the raining of his seamen. Coming to the top of the mountain, you can see the beautiful view of the sea and the mountains. The Xiamen Island and Gulangyu, Dadan and Erdan are all presented before your eyes.