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Jinghong City, Black and White Brother Pagodas

The beautiful and fascinating Xishuangbanna is known world wide and is a very popular tourist spot in Yunnan.

Jinghong city is the capital of Xishuangbanna Dai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture. The city is of special tropical landscape and strong flavor of nationality customs. Its typical scenic spots are Peacock Lake, Manting Park, Dai Nationality Cultures and Customs Garden, Manjinglan Nationality Flavor Food City and Tropical Botany Institute.

The numerous and various Buddhism pagodas in Xishuangbanna knitting together create the visitors an attractive landscape. The most outstanding ones of all are the two in Jinghong, namely, Black and white brother pagodas --- Manglong White Pagodas and Black Pagoda in Damenglong.

Jinghong is 709 kilometers from Kunming. Both buses and airplanes are available from Kunming to take passengers there.